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 Kitsuno Grand Condo

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Cain Kitsuno
Cain Kitsuno

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PostSubject: Kitsuno Grand Condo   Kitsuno Grand Condo Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 1:36 am

In the highest and tallest skyscraper which was one of the many areas the Kitsuno family lived, young Master Cain resided there. He had access to a lot there, it was like one giant room of his. This was one of the few things he received from his parents, and liked it here. His loyal friend, or butler, Chauncey, catered to his every whim. Many people visits here however due to it being a small comfort area for the random passers in this enormous hotel. The Kitsuno owned many things like hotels and other business'. Cain looked into his palm and generated a small flame in a very cold environment. He gazed at the flame and then cut it short as he heard someone approach behind him. It was Chauncey, asking if Cain wanted anything. His choice, curry. He loved curry, it was one of his favorites food. Many spicy and hot foods were loved by him. Cain then stood up and walked to the window and looked at all winding streets and the city bustling with commerce. He kept his emotionless face and went back to his seat as he readied for his food.

"Today is..quiet..."
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Kitsuno Grand Condo
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