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 Returning home.

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Saven Nagano
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Saven Nagano

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PostSubject: Returning home.   Returning home. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 5:22 pm

He had no idea how he got into this situation or more or less how he was even able to get caught, but it happened. He was in a situation that was not going to end well. Surrounded by 20 officers armed with their handguns and aiming them at him he was backed against a corner of a building. Saven's eyes shifted from officer to officer knowing that this time he had no way out of the situation.
"On the ground with your hands on your head now!" shouted one of the officers as the others moved in slowly on his words. Saven knew that it would be pointless to fight them all right now, the situation that he was in at the moment would make it almost too hard for him to even resist without getting gunned down so in response, he went down on his knees placing his hands on his head as instructed. He closed his eyes not even trying to resist as the officers as the moved in a cuffed him. Picking him up from the ground he escorted him into near their car slamming his head down on the trunk of the car searching him for any weapons, and being that Saven was the man that he was he had nothing of the sort on him. The V.P.D placed him in the backseat of the car moving into the front turning it on and driving away from the building that he had broken into.
"Man you sure know how to screw yourself over..Breaking into the armed weapons facility." The officer in the passenger seat spoke as the other one laughed continuing to drive heading to the precinct. Saven didn't respond, he had no reason to, he knew exactly what he was doing and didn't even care that he was arrested in the process. Hours past since the arrest and finally the officers managed to get Saven to the precinct, they removed him from the backseat and escorted him into the main hall where they registered him and placed him in a holding cell. With his head down his white and black hair with streaks of red covered his eyes as he began talking to himself. He had no idea that there was something within his soul that was actually responded. It was actually quite normal for Saven these days, there were voices that were inside his head, they spoke to him and told him things that he should do. Saven himself actually thought of this being his inner mind just giving him his own deep thoughts. Saven began tapping his leg on the ground tapping his feet on the ground lightly out of the frustration of being in this place and it was not long before his powers began taking effect. The tapping of his feet began to effect the entire precinct as the ground itself began gaining signs of a incoming earthquake. In panic each of the officers began trying to find cover for themselves and for the people inside of the precinct. Saven looked up and realized what he was doing and now smirked as he stomped his foot once sending a strong spilt of the ground below through the precinct itself wrecking everything within it. Stopping himself from moving his feet anymore he turned to see that everyone was preoccupied doing something else because of the sudden earthshaking event Saven turned his head to the window that was nearby his seat then back to the people. Looking once more he got up and ran towards it diving through the window falling into the grass heap that was outside. Saven smirked now on the outside once again, he reached into his socks and took out a master key which he used to unlock the handcuffs.
"Man that's a load off...Now to get outta here." Saven said rubbing his hands walking out into the road looking around. It was at this time he noticed a man riding on his red V.C.E motorcycle. This made him instantly grow a smirk as he dashed into the zone of where the bike would have to cross. In a slight sign of shock the biker pulled to the side a little trying to avoid himself from hitting Saven yet instantly Saven ran foward jumping into the air and with a flying sidekick knocked the man right off his bike. He grabbed the handle of the bike in mid air pulling it over to the side for a bit to avoid it crashing into something. At this time Saven walked over to the man who was on the ground after being hit by Saven's kick. Saven looked at the man and picked him up lifting him by the shirt as he removed his helmet and headbutted the man knocking him unconscious.
"That was a bit too easy." Saven spoke with a smirk placing the man's helmet on his head walking back to the bike. He moved back over to the bike mounting it and revving it up before he rode off down the road heading to the exit of Valdyr city.
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