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 Basic Lesson

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Sei-Kuro (精霊)
Seireikai Proctor Yamato

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PostSubject: Basic Lesson   Basic Lesson Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 4:48 pm

"For everyone in this academy welcome to your first lecture..Our topic today spiritual connection. As you all may know at some point you each experienced a strange outburst of power that seemed to have erupted from within your inner soul making you realize that you are different from most people. This is why your here, you all come from different backgrounds but each of you will soon have the same goal. Become Sei-Mancers and graduate this academy, to those of you who have been with us for a while this probably is not the first time that you've heard this lecture and it might not be the last but I have high expectations for every student of this academy. Now onto the main aspect of the lessons, I am going to explain to you exactly why you have your powers. In each human being there is a certain gene called the S-Gene which is the main extension to the body of a natural human being, the extension that connects them to their inner soul. However in some cases the S-Gene is stronger than others thus making a potential Sei-Kuro. What is a Sei-Kuro you ask? A Sei-Kuro is a mastered being that has adapted with their natural extension birthright power that was given with the S-Gene. It can be obtained through years of training or mental focus, in order to obtain this position however one must be able to see their soul's guardian spirit or Sei-Moribito. This can only be obtained by becoming a Sei-Mancer which is our goal here for you at the academy. Once a Sei-Mancer is born the person immediately, is able to see their spirit's guardian in some cases may not be what they expect it to be, the Sei-Moribito is suppose to be the souls true inner essence so the mentality of some that see their Moribito changes because their guardian turns out to be an evil spirit. It is your job to make sure that you control the outcome of your Sei-Moribito, the Moribito's job is to serve and protect each person that has one as well as a teach them how to use their birthright power. When you have finished training however you will know because you are then unable to see your Moribito, at which point it would have permanently fused with your soul thus signifying the ending of your training. When this happens you are able to use all the powers that the Moribito had set for you as your birthright..Remember it is not for the meek of heart so choose wisely if you are ready to continue your studies here and unlock the power that you each have in store for yourself..Good Luck."
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Basic Lesson
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