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 Another Patient In The Infirmary

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Aiden Hilmir
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Aiden Hilmir

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Another Patient In The Infirmary Empty
PostSubject: Another Patient In The Infirmary   Another Patient In The Infirmary Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 11:49 pm

Aiden walked into the infirmary tired and weak. He had burns all over his arms and torso and the pain had him on the brink of unconsciousness. As he walked in he stumbled towards the middle of the room, falling on his back as he looked up at the ceiling. Aiden was shirtless and out of cigarettes, hating his situation. As he started at the ceiling tiles his vision began to blur more and more until he could not see. As hard as he tried to look, his sense of sight was failing him. Aiden didn't know if this was because the pain was too much for him to bare, or if he was too tired to stay awake from the fight. He coughed and smiled, only losing the smile after he quietly slipped into a deep sleep.
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Another Patient In The Infirmary
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