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 Summoning a Moribito

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Sei-Kuro (精霊)
Seireikai Proctor Roswell

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Summoning a Moribito Empty
PostSubject: Summoning a Moribito   Summoning a Moribito Icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2009 5:28 pm

"Good day..This lesson shall be about summoning a Morbitio spirit. As you all know the Moribito's are the inner essences of the soul and can only be seen once a person becomes a Sei-Mancer. Now in order to see a Sei-Moribito there are certain ways to access the ability, first would be physical training, it is imperative to strengthen one's body as much as possible. In a worst case scenario if someone is not physically fit enough to maintain the pressure that the Moribito requires for their summoning that person can never be able to see their spirit. Constant activity weather it be fighting or exercising can all lead to the physical peak needed for their summoning. Another aspect that is used is spiritual pressure, As you may know when you reach a certain point in your life your able to use slight outbursts of your inner power that is naturally granted by the Moribito, at this Academy we also give lessons on certain spells that can help one get more in tune with their natural spiritual power. At a certain point mainly for upperclassmen your powers are strong and can be used to help you in any aspect of battle such as Fire,Wind,Ice etc. At this point when your able to control the power that you have it is a sign that you are ready to summon your spirit. For those of you who don't know when your ready to summon your spirit, you must alert one of our proctors and we shall walk you through the summoning ritual. From there on it will be up to the Director weather or not your skilled enough to graduate and become a full fledge Sei-Mancer. Understanding the concept and keys about your soul is a necessity if one wishes to summon their Moribito. Be advised that the Moribito might not always respect it's summoner and at some points one might not even understand why their Moribito is the way that it is, however learning to understand and accept one another is the perfect way to begin your journey to become a Sei-Kuro...I wish you all luck."
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Summoning a Moribito
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