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 Battle and Moribito trust

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PostSubject: Battle and Moribito trust   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:08 pm

"Welcome..In this session the main focus is battle and Moribito trust. In battle the main objective of the Moribito that someone controls is to insure that that person achieves victory in that fight. Moribito are not only there to help train one to become a Sei-Kuro but are also there as aid in battle, they fight along side their vessel and provide support needed for the standing in battles. To some a Moribito represents everything that they are to become however this is not the case. In addition to accessing your souls powers the Moribito each has their own powers and attributes in the event that they are ever needed in battle..For example."

Moribito Types:

Close Combat Moribito: This is the Moribito class that focuses mainly on support in fighting such a watching the controller's back or fighting for the controller who can prepare a stronger more efficient technique. They can also be used as trackers should an enemy ever escape from battle. The Moribito will make it their top priority to hunt down the enemy and eliminate them should the controller feel the need. Combat Moribito are mainly combat equipped summonings that fight only to insure the victory through physical hand to hand or weapon based combat.

Sorcery Moribito: This is the Moribito class that focuses mainly on spellcasting abilities, they use their perfect sorcery to assist in battle weather it be healing wounds or providing combat efficient spells to put the opponent at a disadvantage. They are not skilled at close quarter combat so fighting with other Moribito that are skilled in this puts them at a huge disadvantage should they ever get so close, however many see these to be the strongest Moribito class as well as the most effective in battle. It is wise to be a skilled fighter if your given this class because you may need to watch your Moribito's back as much as they might need to watch yours.

Long Range Combat Moribito: This is the Moribito class that focuses mainly on stealth and hidden based combat. Mainly composed of Archers of some level these Moribito stay in hiding when a battle is in progress yet only attack when openings are given. They possess a concealment skill that makes it almost impossible to track them and accuracy that is almost perfect, their hit ratio is usually at a 90% success rate. They also can stun opponents by surprise attacks as well as hitting vital unguarded points of the body. Users of this Moribito class must be fully confident and willing to fight alone most of the time with the trust of their archery cover.

Forbidden Moribito: Almost rarely ever received these Moribito have no direct focus and possess strange otherworldly abilities. They overwhelm their enemies with unorthodox powers and earthshaking strength in order to gain the upper hand in battle. Depending on which type of Forbidden Moribito is received their weakness is sharply determined making them either very strong in battle or very weak in battle (Determined on what opponent.), It is advised that only prodigies are ready for this Moribito Class.

"Those are the classes and a little background on how they work. Now remember a person's Moribito can only be seen by others when in battle or if the user trusts another person enough to grant them sight of their Moribito. In battle however it is not wise to go after the Moribito in battle, although it is sometimes a good idea depending on the Moribito you face one must keep in mind that their physical strength far outranks that of mortal beings. They can easily kill someone should they ever feel the need to. Gaining the trust of a Moribito is also a very important factor in battle. Moribito's will respond to you and appear to you whenever you call their name, however although they are required to be by your side does not always mean that they will want to. Sometimes they may reject your requests depending on if they believe you are worthy or not. It is wise to compromise with your Moribito and come into mutual understandings if you expect to fully grasp their promised power. It is impossible to abandon your Moribito since it follows your soul so in cases if you do not like your Moribito then you will have to deal with their personality. However as much as you may need it to become stronger, it needs you to survive, It will not allow you to die under it's watch since your body is vessel to it. The Moribito will automatically defend the person should their life ever be in danger. Now I hope this is a good starter course on what to expect in battle students..That concludes our lesson for today, If any questions are needed in terms of Moribito feel free to ask me and I shall always assist..Take care and good luck."
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Battle and Moribito trust
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