Eternity Core
Feel Free To Venture The Academy! Enjoy The Pool, Study, Or Battle It Out To See Who Is The Best In The Academy. Also Enjoy The Surrounding Cities If Relaxing Is More Your Style.

**Remember To Make Full Use Of Your Personnal Communicator Device (P.C.D.) To Keep Contact With Your Friends. **

(OOC: PMs A.K.A. Your P.C.D. Is For Communication ONLY No Rping Inside Messages Is Allowed.)
-Seireikai Director

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Get ready..New story and new adventures await the Eternity Core.
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 Unleashing the new wave

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Drew Silverwing
Drew Silverwing

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Unleashing the new wave Empty
PostSubject: Unleashing the new wave   Unleashing the new wave Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 12:55 am

Drew the chairman of the most powerful company in the world, the Valdyr City Enterprise sat on his chair listening to a business proposal that one of his executives had made about a new wave of technology called the P.C.D a Personal Communication Device. It was suppose to allow video calling with anyone almost like the newer model of a cellphone. It pleased him since he knew that there was nothing more than the best he would accept and this seemed like some progress. Drew tapped his feet growing bored of the surroundings of his staff, he wanted to head back to the Seireikai Academy to master his skills since he had little to no interest in being rivaled by anyone of the upcoming rookies. He was the best at the school last semester and was determined to stay the best. After the meeting Drew rose up walking out through the back window to a balcony that he had in his room of the company that overlooked all of Valdyr. He brushed his hair over his ear knowing that the time was near, it was almost time for the new semester and with 2 days left he was ready to go back in at top prime. Drew crossed his arms smirking at the sunset speaking to himself.

"Seireikai Academy...Hmph, the time draws near where I once again take my place at the top..just you wait."
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Unleashing the new wave
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