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Drew Silverwing
Drew Silverwing

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Drew sitting in the confinements of the library was next to a stack of books that he had all read, flipping through the pages of another one. He was doing extreme amounts of research since he needed to gain the edge to place him back at the top of school once again. His blue eyes skimmed through the words of the book and almost in the same instant that he looked at a page he flipped the page reading another. It was the 20th textbook that he was researching in trying to find a way to push his inner Moribito to the fullest. He needed to awaken the spirit as quickly as possible and become a graduate, only then will his research pay off. Drew finished the book and closed it tossing it to the side next to the other 19 that he had read before, he rested his elbow on the table pressing his chin onto his palm with his fingers running through his hair. It didn't make any sense to him, why couldn't he find the answers that he needed, there should have been a way or at least an attempted way but the school seemed strict on locking down their forbidden books from the students personal use. It irritated Drew, he knew that he was not going to make any progress at this rate and if he wanted to become the best of the best he needed to gain the knowledge in as little time as possible. It was at this time that he discovered something he needed to find a way to communicate with the spirit within him, perhaps if he could speak to it he might be able to command it to release itself and this help him in his quest for knowledge. Drew closed his eyes and almost entered a meditative state as he searched the insides of his mind trying to find any passage that could possibly serve as a doorway to his soul's power. It was at this moment that he felt a strong impulse that shook him out of his meditation. Looking at his hands he began to ponder if this was a sign that he was not meant to know where his Moribito is.
"What was that..impossible." Drew spoke leaning back on the chain looking up at the ceiling in disbelief of what had just happened to him. He was acutally forced back from his how mind. It seemed unreal to him, how could something that was suppose to be his own soul force him out of it's path, it was almost as if his Moribito was rejecting him. Drew was not about to be tossed aside and controlled by his own soul spirit, he was going to find a way to get through to this spirit or die trying. Just then his Cellphone rung, he picked it up answering in his usual tone.
"What is it?"
"Mr. Silverwing..the test results have returned I think you should see them." The voice in the phone replied back to him. Instantly without another word Drew hung up the phone. He had commanded his staff to run a spiritual pressure test on him to see if his powers were progressing normally or at the speed that he wanted them to. Drew knew that he was destined to become the best, he had always been on top of everything, there was nothing that could get around him and he always found a way to overcome any obstacle. Drew had strongly believed that his power was meant to be the greatest of all and because of the little power outburst that just happened he was now certain. With a smirk he spoke looking up at the ceiling.

"I guess I was meant to become the greatest..This all just proves it, Hahaha!"
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