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 Sparking of Moribito

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Seireikai Proctor Yamato

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PostSubject: Sparking of Moribito   Sparking of Moribito Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 12:43 am

"Good evening students..This has been a question that has been recently asked that many of the young more curious students have brought to my attention, so in this lesson I believe that I should discuss the topic. "What does it mean when my powers are becoming too active beyond my control?" yes it can be a scary feeling, it is the stage where things occur around you concerning your powers that your not in control of such as unwanted outbursts of power or aftereffects that show your natural element against your will. Well there is no need to be alarmed, this is called a Spark, in every upcoming Sei-Mancer sparking is indeed rare however it is completely normal, it is a sign that your Sei-Moribito might have the need to appear to you faster than normal. In the cases where your powers seem to act on their own is a normal way of stating that you might possess a stronger Moribito. In the most seen situations one is not aware of their Moribito until they are close to the rank of Sei-Mancer however some people have a gifted sense that allows them to feel to impulse of their Moribito long before they have the ability to become aware, in this case their powers have responses to their body because of the early active Sei-Moribito. It is purely theoretical but in the event that your Sei-Moribito is active in it's dormant state you may ask anyone of the proctors to take a look and hopefully find out the cause of what makes them act this way. If you are able to harness this power however and can respond to Sei-Moribito we might even be able to perform an early summoning ritual for you. This little lecture was to clarify the questions that had arisen, I hope it was useful..Feel free to ask me or any proctor anything that you have concerns with on your P.C.D and we will address them as soon as we can."
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Sparking of Moribito
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